Somebody I Use To Know (2)

One day I want you to realize what you lost but you won’t care now, nah give it a couple of weeks, months maybe even years. You aren’t you anymore and it’s not a positive change. You’re different when you’re around others but you’re real when you’re with me or maybe it’s the other way around, what if it’s a facade, you’re real with them and fake with me. I hope you find happiness. True happiness. Where you don’t need to distract yourself with 3-4 different guys, where you don’t have to mention your past, where you don’t have to hide who you are because I loved who you were but now you’re just a stranger in my friend’s body and I can’t do nothing about it. It’s all smoke, mirrors and lies. I’m saying this because I lost a true friend, one who I thought was the realest on my team but I thought wrong. A friend would tell me when they’re hurt, when I’m wrong but instead tell others instead of the source. I hope you cry at night of the thoughts of your wrong doings. I hope you question everything and I hope you feel left out like I did and I hope you go through all of this so you can boss up and realize who you are and realize your worth. Now you’re a stranger with pictures in my phone. All the things you could have fixed but decided not too. Oh well. Maybe I cared too much. Maybe I didn’t ask the right questions, who knows.


Why a Blog? (1)

I’ve decided to do a blog because I felt like my time, energy and talent was just wasting away. I’ve been having writers block for quite some time now and for the longest I didn’t know how to get rid of it. One day I just decided to try to write something, no matter how long or short, fake or real, I just wanted to be back in my element. I’ve been writing for quite some time now. Lets say until the age of 14. It was something to do, then as I grew older the love for writing grew as well. I write songs, poetry and sometimes short stories..really short because I’m still learning the ropes of writing stories. My goal for this blog is to get better at my writing and also bring my thoughts out because it’s horrible fighting a battle in your head when you’re down.